Fresh from an exhilarating performance at Bristol Folk Festival, Gadarene return to Bristol to showcase their exciting brand of ‘ultra modern ancient tunes’.

The five-piece play drums, mandolin, double bass, fiddle and flute, and their exotic selection of effects units transforms obscure English 18th and 19th century tunes into alternative modern dance hits. Drawing on styles from pop and rock to electronica and trance, the band’s pioneering attitude to folk dusts offglorious old dance tunes and brings them to life. The set also features both Lancashire clog and Dartmoor step dances, weaving them into sets that get audiences up and dancing in no time!

Gadarene’s infectious sound will take you anywhere from dub and Afro-pop, through jazz to rock and funk via swing and step dance! Delivered with great rhythms, innovative instrumentation and good humour, their sound is sophisticated enough for seated audiences and wild enough to get everyone up and dancing. A fantastic night out for music lovers of all kinds.